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The Tenth Scientific Air Law Conference will be held in Saint Petersburg, on October 1, 2019. This event is organized by the National Association of Air Law and AEROHELP Institute of Air and Space Law, with the support of the Federal Air Transport Agency, the Federal Authority of Transport Oversight, the Ministry of Transport of Russian Federation, the Interstate Aviation Committee and Saint Petersburg State University. Scientific partners of the Conference are the Saint Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation and the International Institute of Air and Space Law at Leiden University.

Working languages of Conference: Russian and English
Conference Presentation
  • The participation fee per one delegate is 520 EUR, including VAT.
  • If the same organization (company) is represented by 2 delegates, 10% discount shall apply for each delegate.
  • If the same organization (company) is to participate through 3 or more delegates, a 15% discount shall apply for each.
  • A participating delegate, who has regularly attended the AEROHELP Air Law Conference (St. Petersburg) or the LUISS Air Law Conference (Rome) or the International Air Law Forum (Shanghai), is entitled a 20% discount.
  • European Air Law Association (EALA) members, European Aviation Club (EAC) members, Helicopter Industry Association (HIA) members and Operators and Developers of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Association (AERONET) members are subject to 25% discount for participation.
  • The participation fee for students, undergraduates, graduate students, competitors and teachers is 80 EUR.
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HAAS Sarah
Lawyer at Vogeler Rechtsanwälte
EHLERS Nikolai P.
TARASOV Aleхander
Head of Legal Department at NordStar Airlines
Partner of Ehlers, Ehlers & Partner, LL.M. (McGill)
Legal Counsel of the Legal Department at the Minsk National Airport
Head of Legal Department at the FLIGHTTIME
As a German qualified lawyer who specializes in aviation litigation, I could not have been more impressed with the depth of knowledge offered by the high-caliber panelists and speakers; It is therefore fair to say that this event combined with the opulent venues and cultural magnificence of St Petersburg was one to remember personally as well as professionally.
The aviation is a fascinating field to work in, albeit a highly complex one. The industry literally overcomes borders and covers broad distances within minutes where the law still has a long way to follow. This is why I was delighted to be able to discuss all topics of aviation not only with fellow lawyers from different jurisdictions but also with aviation professionals. These exchanges are invaluable as they offer deeper insights into the industry itself and ultimately help us to offer higher quality advice to our clients.
One of the main advantages of the Conference is the participation of delegates from various fields of aviation, representing the Russia and foreign countries. During the official and informal part of the Conference, there is an opportunity to discuss the most relevant and controversial issues, listen to the opinions of various experts, from pilots to representatives of foreign Aviation Authorities. Every year the Conference raises the bar and its importance in the international aviation community. This increases the interest in the Conference and, as a result, the number of delegates and speakers increases, discussion panels consist of the hottest topics, both domestic and international.
The St. Petersburg Air Law Conference is a unique and very important international forum as it facilitates the meeting of air law specialists from Russia not only with colleagues from neighboring countries, but also from Western Europe. This is very useful as it helps to develop a greater understanding for each other in the interest of cooperation in this industry which is international by nature and has the main function to connect people more easily. The vision of the organizers to establish this forum and their great ability to create meaningful – and enjoyable – events year after year in beautiful St. Petersburg, which has been a driving force and a symbol for closer ties between East and West since its foundation, is to be commended.
The St. Petersburg Air Law Conference is a major event and perhaps it is one of its kind! The uniqueness of the Conference is that it unites the international legal aviation community and allows you to discuss interesting issues, share experience and accumulated knowledge. Its significance is huge, because events of this magnitude are relatively small and wonderful, that it takes place in the most beautiful city - St. Petersburg. The 8th conference was held in a historical place - Pavlovsk Palace, in the Rose Pavilion, an outstanding monument of cultural heritage. I would like to thank the organizers for an excellent platform for discussions, the exchange of experience and interesting speakers. It is worth emphasizing the high level of organization of the Conference, the thoughtfulness of technical support and the involvement of international experts. Undoubtedly, the success of the Conference has a positive effect on the political image of Russia and has a beneficial effect on the global aviation community as a whole and is a bright event in the international scientific world.
I would like to thank the organizers for the opportunity to participate in the Conference! The event was held at the proper level, the great geography of the speakers, the presence of lively discussions on the subject, the quality of simultaneous interpretation, and the lack of a formal approach underline the high level of preparation of the Conference, including the technical organization. I am sure that further events will be no less relevant and successful!
The Tenth Scientific Air Law Conference will be held on October 1, 2020 in one of the most remarkable and at the same time inconspicuous architectural monuments of the Northern capital of Russia - the mansion of the richest baron of the Russian Empire - Alexander Kelkh. Since 1919 in the mansion was the School of Screen Art - the world's first cinematic educational institution, then the building hosted meetings of the governing body of the Dzerzhinsky district of St. Petersburg. Subsequently, various organizations argued among themselves over the ownership of the mansion. In 1998, the building was transferred to the Faculty of Law of St. Petersburg University for free use. Since then, the building has received the name of the House of Lawyer. In 2010, Kelch's house was closed for restoration.

Russia, St. Petersburg, Tchaikovsky street, 28
The Conference will begin in